About Mairead

I work with individuals and organisations to enable them to identify their goals; achieve their best performance and live their best life. I am a warm, incisive and direct coach and am at ease working with leadership challenges and personal transformation. I am based in Anglesey, North Wales.


During a successful career in the cultural sector I became convinced of the effectiveness of coaching through my work managing a team of employees and freelancers and producing artists, I honed my skills over 17 years leading organisations and people through change.   


I gained a coaching qualification with Relational Dynamics and I am a member of the Association of Coaching.  




What is Coaching?

During coaching we will work together to identify your goals and to work towards success. It will improve your performance and can be useful to help through a period of transition


Coaching is a facilitated and reflective learning process that aims to grow the individuals awareness, responsibility and choice both thinking and behavioural.

Where does coaching take place?

During this current outbreak of Corona Virus all coaching is taking place virtually using Skype, zoom or via phone.  Under other circumstance we can meet at Menai Bridge or at other locations in North Wales by arrangement or we can work via a video link.  

How will the coaching work?

During coaching I will reflect back your words, question you, offer insight and use techniques to support you.  


Benefits include gaining clarification and insight, increasing awareness and resilience, problem solving and having those golden 'ah ha' moments, shifting your thinking and your patterns. In short you will become more effective and reach your goals faster with greater clarity.

Coaching is a fast dynamic process that is always goal driven.

Do I offer life coaching, executive coaching or career coaching?

In short I offer all of these types of coaching, whilst life coaching may focus on more personal goals, executive or career coaching will help you achieve your job related goals but there is often overlap between the two. The sessions will be based around your priorities.  


The variety of goals can be as varied as people themselves but common examples include: improving your career prospects or seeking a change in employment; making a change in lifestyle; increasing your confidence or undertaking a new project such as writing a book.

To understand more about coaching see here: 

link to association for coaching


What clients say

Mairead is a brilliant coach. She helped me refocus my priorities in ways that were so positive and empowering - challenging but always supportive and encouraging, with a clarity of purpose that was renewing and energising. She gave me the confidence to change direction, reshape that perennially difficult work/life balance in a way that felt both aspirational and achievable. I am still reaping the benefits of her sessions several years on, and without her support I don't believe I would have had the courage to take some difficult but rewarding decisions. I find myself inwardly thanking her again and again."

Writer and Producer.

'Having reached turning points in my career and personal life, Mairead's coaching sessions enabled me to recognise repetitive behaviour patterns that have categorised the past few years. I look forward to the sessions, and have made significant changes for the better since I started coaching.  I feel refreshed and invigorated.  It's been like giving my mind a very thorough spring clean!.' Hannah Wheeler. Producer


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