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Ever wanted to learn more about coaching?

I'm going to run a lunchtime coaching workshop on the 6th March at Fit Fanny Adams, which is a brilliant wellness centre dedicated to helping us all to improve our wellbeing.

I'd love it if you joined us. It's free, and should give you a great insight into how coaching works. I'll explain the techniques that coaching uses and demonstrate a live coaching session with a willing volunteer. Don't worry it won't be like that bit where you're dragged up in front of everyone.

Someone I've coached will also talk through how it feels to be coached and the benefits they've gained from coaching. It will be fun and informal. I'll also give you some take-away tips to help you test out a few coaching techniques on your nearest and dearest!

So if you'd like to come, do send me an email to book your place.

Fit Fanny Adams is in Menai Bridge above the rather yummy Tapestri restaurant. I'm planning to coach clients from the private practice rooms there. If you've never been before its a great reason to visit and get a feel for the place and pick up information about the range of classes and practitioners there.

Coaching workshop:

Friday February 6th March.

12.30 - 1.30 pm.

At Fit Fanny Adams, The Studio, 2nd Floor, The Old Bank Building, Uxbridge Square,

Menai Bridge, LL59 5AR. Access is via the back and at the top of the building.

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